Saturday, February 19, 2011


Alt+Ctrl+Delete, Alt+Ctrl+Delete, Alt+Ctrl+Delete, Alt+Ctrl+Delete, Alt+Ctrl+Delete, Alt+Ctrl+Delete…

I don’t know how many times I have to hit these three buttons each day.  I am so sick of these stupid computers.  Don’t get me wrong, they have a lot of benefits.  As a matter of fact I wouldn’t even be sitting here right now writing this column if it were for computers.  I like what they can do and the ability that they have, but they, for some reason, have a difficult time performing properly for me.

I’m pretty good with computers, and I have all the new gadgets and gismos, but they are just uncooperative with me.  They are ungodly slow, they always seem to freeze, and every time they appear to be doing well, they shut down.  I have had so many computer problems that I’ve lost count.  I really don’t understand why computers don’t like me.

And the internet!  Don’t even get me started with the internet.  You know I spend about 1/3 of my life waiting and back talking at the internet.  It takes forever to load a screen.  And I don’t even use DSL. I live in the city and am a Comcast customer, so you would probably think that I get pretty fast internet, but I don’t.

Fios, please, that’s like two seconds better than Comcast.

Aside from the internet, how about games?  Long ago when I actually played computer games, I spent hundreds of dollars on ram, graphics cards, and a couple of new mother boards just for the systems to run properly.  Now look, I don’t mind the cost, but it sure as heck better work for the money that I paid.  I mean literally, thousands of dollars in computers, phones, Blueray players, printers, TVs, gaming systems, even alarm clocks, and they all pose a problem.

If I’m paying all this good money, why isn’t it working?

Is this just me, or are there people out there who have the same difficulty that I have?

If any of you have profound luck with computers or any gadget, please tell me your secret.

-Kyle Rudnick


  1. I don't have those problems? Maybe your doing something wrong? Try talking nice to your computer.

  2. Going to fast always gets me in trouble...if somehting goes wrong take a deep breatht and then look at it again. It'll help.