Wednesday, September 29, 2010

horror movie moments.

the other day, as we were strolling the hallways, we came across this...

oh yeah, we ran for it. this is why we keep our skeletons in the closet, folks. 

survivor. jtcc edition. week three.

scenario. you're just getting out of class and you're standing outside the door waiting for your friend to finish talking to the teacher when a random guy walks up to you that you've never seen. also, he definitely isn't in your class. this is the converstation that follows...

random dude. hey, i'm looking for someone to study with. could i get your number?
you. uhhh. what class?
random dude. ummmmm....math?
you. oh sorry, i'm not in that class.
random dude. so that's a no?
you. yeah.

so, what do you do when a random guy or girl starts creepin on ya in the halls?

answer. play dumb...yeah, this really did happen to one of us.

pictured above is heather's brother. (not a true creeper).

Sunday, September 26, 2010

video blog (vlog, if you will).

there you have it guys! give us suggestions! or thanks!

Friday, September 24, 2010

an interview with mrs. wentworth.

 Heather and I(Annemarie) looooooooooooooove Mrs. Wentworth. We had her for English 112 and Heather also had her for English 111....she was the absolute best.  So, we decided to do a little teacher interview with her. Just listening to her was a blast!

What all do you do at John Tyler?
I teach English, humanities,  American literature,  freshman composition, survey of western culure, American culture since 1940, mythology, and Study Abroad humanities classes.  I also manage the international exchange for faculty in the VCCS.
Can you tell us more about the Study Abroad program?
Usually there are summer programs with two or three credit courses for a degree program. Students take at least one class for the credit, but they could be in up to three. Art, history,  literature,  theatre…classes like that. We have class meetings before we travel  to prepare students. Then there are two weeks of on site study as we travel.  Students study and do work as we travel mostly in the same place talking about the same things.Then we come back and do an exam weight project at the end. You learn automatically. It’s easy to grasp subjects this way.
What places have you gone to with students?
Greece, Vietnam, Italy.
What types of students go on these trips?  
Very diverse group. More than in a classroom. Tend to be students that have been to jtcc a year or so and are possibly about to graduate. A lot of times, we try to make it so middle and high school teachers can go… teachers that maybe  need recertification points for a college course. We get family members of students and faculty that just want to go. One of our most regular travelers is in his seventies and just happens to live near John Tyler. People really learn how to travel  on these trips. They learn how to conquer language barriers and eat the food. People learn the capability to travel on their own.
What’s your favorite part of these trips?
The meals. The wonderful meals with students when  they break out their normal dietary limits. The casual part where people talk. The relaxed time is always the best. Then things come up that students really want to know about.
What do you enjoy most about teaching?
I don’t know. Students. I really enjoy getting to know a new crop of students every year. Being able to help them build on the skills and talents that they have. It’s really great. That’s what I like.
Who are your favorite students? ; )
Hahah. Annemarie and Heather yayy! Of course!
Now for the fun stuff.
What do you when you’re not teaching?
Read. That’s really wonderful. I don’t really watch television at all. I don’t find that particularly a good way to spend my time. I do keep up with movies though. I like serious film. I don’t kinda just go to the movies. But I get suggestions from students of films I should see. The most recents were lion king( I had never seen it) and johnny depp in blow.
Of all the cities you’ve ever lived in which is your favorite?
Lived in? eh, richmond. Richmond’s great. Richmond has everything that a small town should have. Sports teams, great musems, etc. ..
What’s your favorite thing about Richmond?
Hmm. Ethnic restaurants.
What’s your favorite place in Richmond?
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Yeah. That’s my new favorite.
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Hm. I think probably the craziest thing I’ve done was to dive off the third deck of a ferry boat into Halong bay.
Here she is folks! The awesome Mrs. Wentworth! : )

We'll catch ya later, skaters. Maybe this weekend?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

survivor. jtcc edition. week two.

ok guys. this survivor post is pretty legit. we're gonna give you guys some tips to make sure the semester runs smoothly.

number one. you have to start out with a positive attitude towards school. this is difficult, we know. but nontheless it is very important.

number two. actually read your text books. this isn't high school anymore, people. you have to actually do the work outside of the class room if you want to succeed. so, get out your pencils and highlighters and read away!

number three. take notes in a notebook or journal as you read and also, flashcards might be good. you will remember the information better if you both read AND write it. also, when you go to study for a test, everything you need to study will already be written down in one place for you to look over.

number four. after you get your test back, look over all the questions you got wrong and figure out WHY you got them wrong. if not, you'll just get those questions wrong again on the exam.

number five. listen to your teacher in class. i know, i know, i'm guilty of spending the whole class time on facebook too. but listening really does help. especially if you are going home and reading the book and taking notes along with it.

and number six. each night record yourself reading the textbook and listen to it as you fall asleep..................................................................................this is a joke folks. i mean, if you think it will help and you really want to. then, by all means go for it. but yeah...

 oh yeah, no sleeping either.

peace out,
heather and annemarie.

Friday, September 17, 2010

don't get lost dudes.

Okay, so when we first came to John Tyler, we had no idea where anything was. That being said, we thought we'd let guys have a little looksie at the maps of the campuses.

Here's the Chester campus:

Here's the Midlothian campus:

(click on the photos for a better view.)

So guys, we encourage you to walk around and explore. Find out what each campus has to offer. 

Also, don't worry, posts will get more exciting. This is just a tidbit of information for you guys.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

survivor. jtcc edition. week one. hollah!

This is to kick off our weekly survival posts. Enjoy!

So, what do you do when you can't figure out your homework??....

and now to kick it old school...

Also, in case you didn't know, JTCC has a youtube page. So get with the program and check it out here dawgs!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

an introduction.

Hey guys!

Welcome to the new JTCC blog! We (Heather Tobey and Annemarie Young) are really excited to be doing this. Here we will try to keep posts fun, useful, and very informative (most of the time). Be sure to send us any questions you may have or suggestions for post. We really want to know what you guys are interested in!


Annemare and Heather

A little bit about ourselves:


I have attended JTCC since the fall semester of 2009.

I have a crooked finger and sweaty hand syndrome…hyperhidrosis (look it up if you please) .

When I’m not dragging myself through school work I really like to hang out with friends, listen to music, sing, do various things at my church, experience Richmond, do anything that involves my computer and, you know, just enjoy the finer things in life…(I try to be a cool kid).


I’ve been a student at John Tyler since the fall of 2009.

When I was little, I would get spanked at least five times a day with the “wacker.” With good reason, for I was a horrid little child.

During my down time, I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen (sometimes this can be a very bad thing…), skyping, taking pictures of random objects, blogging, painting/drawing a little, and traveling/missions.

A slice of life when we're together....