Wednesday, September 22, 2010

survivor. jtcc edition. week two.

ok guys. this survivor post is pretty legit. we're gonna give you guys some tips to make sure the semester runs smoothly.

number one. you have to start out with a positive attitude towards school. this is difficult, we know. but nontheless it is very important.

number two. actually read your text books. this isn't high school anymore, people. you have to actually do the work outside of the class room if you want to succeed. so, get out your pencils and highlighters and read away!

number three. take notes in a notebook or journal as you read and also, flashcards might be good. you will remember the information better if you both read AND write it. also, when you go to study for a test, everything you need to study will already be written down in one place for you to look over.

number four. after you get your test back, look over all the questions you got wrong and figure out WHY you got them wrong. if not, you'll just get those questions wrong again on the exam.

number five. listen to your teacher in class. i know, i know, i'm guilty of spending the whole class time on facebook too. but listening really does help. especially if you are going home and reading the book and taking notes along with it.

and number six. each night record yourself reading the textbook and listen to it as you fall asleep..................................................................................this is a joke folks. i mean, if you think it will help and you really want to. then, by all means go for it. but yeah...

 oh yeah, no sleeping either.

peace out,
heather and annemarie.


  1. And spend lots of time in the library! Less distractions, more resources. Plus, headphones.

    (disclaimer: this is zan the librarian.)