Wednesday, September 8, 2010

an introduction.

Hey guys!

Welcome to the new JTCC blog! We (Heather Tobey and Annemarie Young) are really excited to be doing this. Here we will try to keep posts fun, useful, and very informative (most of the time). Be sure to send us any questions you may have or suggestions for post. We really want to know what you guys are interested in!


Annemare and Heather

A little bit about ourselves:


I have attended JTCC since the fall semester of 2009.

I have a crooked finger and sweaty hand syndrome…hyperhidrosis (look it up if you please) .

When I’m not dragging myself through school work I really like to hang out with friends, listen to music, sing, do various things at my church, experience Richmond, do anything that involves my computer and, you know, just enjoy the finer things in life…(I try to be a cool kid).


I’ve been a student at John Tyler since the fall of 2009.

When I was little, I would get spanked at least five times a day with the “wacker.” With good reason, for I was a horrid little child.

During my down time, I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen (sometimes this can be a very bad thing…), skyping, taking pictures of random objects, blogging, painting/drawing a little, and traveling/missions.

A slice of life when we're together....

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