Wednesday, September 29, 2010

survivor. jtcc edition. week three.

scenario. you're just getting out of class and you're standing outside the door waiting for your friend to finish talking to the teacher when a random guy walks up to you that you've never seen. also, he definitely isn't in your class. this is the converstation that follows...

random dude. hey, i'm looking for someone to study with. could i get your number?
you. uhhh. what class?
random dude. ummmmm....math?
you. oh sorry, i'm not in that class.
random dude. so that's a no?
you. yeah.

so, what do you do when a random guy or girl starts creepin on ya in the halls?

answer. play dumb...yeah, this really did happen to one of us.

pictured above is heather's brother. (not a true creeper).