Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Rest of the Story

“Rocket Science is not for me!” Yep, like I said in the Sketch video, Rocket Science is so definitely not for me. What? You haven’t watched the video? OK here’s the link, go watch it, NOW (because it’s awesome)! Ok, so I guess, that you can guess, what part I played in the video, but if all you see is the finished product you don’t even know the half of it. So, have you ever walked on a treadmill in an office, while wearing heals? No? Well, you haven’t begun to live. That was just one of the crazy experiences making this video gave me. Having to memorize lines, follow steps, use hand motions, be mic-ed and have bright lights on me was a totally new experience. I should mention that not only do I have stage fright, but I am camera shy. I was so nervous about the shoot that I was petrified the mic was going to pick up my heart pounding. Ms. Heather McIver, JTCC’s fabulous Web Content and Electronic Communications Manager, Mr. Joel Traylor, JTCC's very talented Media Specialist, and Ms. Holly Walker, JTCC’s wonderful Public Relations Specialist, helped me stumble through lines and steps. I had just gotten the hang of everything when the class showed up for their allotted time of education inspiration, in the class room we were using, and we had to get out of there! So we gather up all the gear, me still mic-ed with chords attached to me, and ran (literally) to another room. We had fifteen minutes to set up, shoot, get it right and tear down. We successfully did this. Then, after all that effort we reshot the next day. So, yeah, Rocket Science is not for me, but after helping with this video, who knows, I might change my major and become an actress! lol Anyways, watch the video; let me know what you think. Share it with your friends; tell them to let me know what they think. Tell your friends to tell their friends to tell their friends to tell their friend’s friends, and well, I think you get the point.
-Megan Way

My experience with Sketch was all behind the camera.  I would set up the lights, the camera, mics, and tri-pods.  Clearing the room always took some time as well.  The biggest issue was trying to find a white background for the shoot.  We had tried three rooms and in the end finally found that the room beside our office was the perfect one.  It took us about three days to shoot, so nine hours in all.  Once we finished shooting, it was time to edit.  I didn’t do any of the editing because it was mainly graphics.  But sitting through and watching Joel, the video editor, edit it, was very interesting.  Finally, after about a week of editing, we showed it off to the Chancellor of the Virginia Community College System.  We all felt pressured that day because we had a few technical errors.  But after that day, we felt relieved that we were at the crust of the Project Sketch.
- Kyle Rudnick

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