Monday, March 28, 2011

Common Courtesy

Just recently I wrote a persuasive essay on common courtesy.  You’re probably thinking that that is a terrible topic for a persuasive essay.  Well, at first it was.  I had a lot of trouble starting the essay because most people aren’t discourteous and trying to convince harsher people to use common courtesy isn’t very easy.
While I was going nowhere with the paper, I was eating a pastry and drinking coffee at Starbucks on Broad Street by Kroger and these people were smoking in the courtyard.  They were becoming a real annoyance and I thought to myself, there must be some rule against smoking in the courtyard.  Sure enough, as I turned my head to the door, there was a big sign that said, “Please, no smoking in the courtyard or in the store,” or something like that.  One of the people smoking happened to work at the store.  I couldn’t believe how discourteous these people were.
I turned back around and looked at the smokers who were facing the sign and exchanged a couple of words.  Nothing bad, however, just firm.  They had a few unpleasant words to give to me, which I thought was uncalled for.  After that I said forget about it, and minded my peace while coughing in the smoke.
This immediately sparked an idea and an idea after that.  Before I knew it I was deep into three pages.  I took a little break and finished it at a restaurant down the street.
Now, I’m certainly not going to lecture here, because I know you guys aren’t that indecent, but I just want to make clear that reminding people to be courteous won’t hurt you.  I may have been cussed out in that instance, but sometimes when I let people know that they are being a nuisance, they say that they never knew it and they stop.
Always be nice when you let someone know, and use common sense, don’t correct someone who looks like they can beat you up.  Common courtesy is important, so try and keep it alive.
-Kyle Rudnick

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  1. Nice is best--it comes back to you! (SMILE)

    Hope you got an A on the paper!