Friday, October 8, 2010

student i.d.s

As you guys know from this post, sometimes you need a student i.d. to have access to things like the college night at VMFA. However, what if you don't have a student i.d. yet? Where do you get one? 

Until last week, we had no idea how to answer these questions. But now, we've got it all figured out!

It was no simple feat. Let me tell you....

First, we asked a couple of people in the office who directed us to Amanda Carpenter. She, however, was not in her office. That being said, we kind of thought we were out of luck. Then, Heather had the brilliant idea to ask someone in the administrative building. So, we asked the security guard...

(this is kenneth, a pretty cool dude if you ask us.)

He knew exactly where we needed to go! How crazy is that! He told us we should go to counseling right around the corner in the admin building (the building you go to to enroll and stuff like that). Once we reached counseling, all we had to do was sign a paper sign the i.d. and we were done. Simple. Also, they gave us a sheet of paper that told us where we could get discounts. 

So guys, when in doubt....ASK THE SECURITY GUARD! : )

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  1. The officers are super-helpful! And they will walk you to your car at night too...perfect now that the days are getting shorter....