Wednesday, December 1, 2010

survivor. jtcc edition. week twelve.

this week's topic: surviving the exams, of course.

tip #1: don't wait until the night before to study...duh.

tip #2: make sure you have all of your previous tests from the class your studying for. then, study, study, study those old tests especially the questions that you originally got wrong. check with the teacher or other students to make sure that you now have the correct answer.

tip #3: get a study buddy. this could be someone from your class or even someone who's just really good at the subject. trust me this helps AND makes the time much more enjoyable.

tip #4: take breaks. don't try to just plug through for like four hours straight. that's not fun and will just burn you out. maybe study for an hour then take a small break. whatever suits you.

tip #5: for me, it helps to change up my scenery. i can't focus in the same place for a long time. things just get boring. so sometimes i'll just go sit at barnes and noble or a coffee place or whatever (more on that later).

tip #6: treat yourself. have a nice cup of coffee or tea or even a cookie to start off your studying on a good note.

tip #7: make notecards. that way you're writing AND reading the info, which will really help it stick.

cool cool guys! happy studying.... : p

p.s. hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving!

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