Wednesday, November 3, 2010

survivor. jtcc edition. week eight.

Here's a little story for you guys....

Since I (Annemarie) take online classes, I have to sometimes take some of my tests and quizzes here at JTCC in the Testing Center. Last week I had to take a quiz for my Humanities class. So, I made my appointment right away and everything was fine and dandy. However, when I arrived the morning of my quiz, I discovered that the power had gone out that morning and blackboard was down completely. My two options were either to check back every fifteen minutes to see if blackboard was working or to reschedule my quiz. Thankfully, I was able to wait and blackboard was back up in about half an hour. Also, since I scheduled my appointment right away, I still had two weeks left to take the quiz if I needed to reschedule.

So here's your survival lesson today......


Who knows what could happen!

If I hadn't scheduled so early and had enough time to wait for blackboard, I would have been in quite the pickle, you remember guys, don't be dumb and schedule those appointments ASAP!

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